Shoplifting seagull caught on camera nicking packet of crisps from Co-op


A shoplifting seagull has been caught on camera stealing a packet of crisps from a Co-op supermarket in Scotland.

In the clip, the bird can be seen entering the shop in Aberdeen and grabbing a snack before leaving.

The hilarious video begins with a seagull standing in front of the shop before sneaking through the door when a customer leaves the supermarket.

Once in the shop, the cheeky gull heads straight towards the sandwich and snack fridge and grabs a packet of Walkers Ready Salted crisps.

It then bolts back out of the store, putting the bag on the pavement.

As the clip ends, the seagull can be seen furiously smacking its beak against the packet in a desperate attempt to open them.

The scene was filmed by an Aberdeen local Neil Traynor, who shared the footage online and said: “Gulls don’t care for the concept of ownership or trade.”

Neil also revealed the seagull is a regular thief.

He added: “A member of staff took the packet before he could open it.

“Apparently he normally steals the pasta pots which are much easier to get into.”

The clip has since been liked more than a thousand times and had social media users in stitches.

One user wrote: “Bold as brass.”

Another added: “That is so funny.”

One more commented: “Staying there and eating it in front of the shop is a total power move.”