Danielle Hunter isn’t happy with his contract


There’s a risk to signing a great player quickly to a good-not-great contract. The player quickly may realize he’s underpaid.

That’s happened with Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter. According to Chad Graff of TheAthletic.com, Hunter isn’t happy with the contract he signed in 2018. He’s reportedly considering all options — holding out, seeking a trade, or hiring a new agent.

Hunter, since the posting of the article by Graff, has pledged public loyalty to his current agency. However, Hunter did not rule out a holdout or a trade demand.

For now, the frustrations have remained private. Per Graff, Hunter “has expressed his frustrations to multiple people,” as he considers his next move.

His deal averages $14.4 million per year. That amount became glaring when the Chargers signed pass rusher Joey Bosa to a deal worth $27 million per year last August.

Complicating matters is the neck injury that began as a “tweak” and ended with surgery that kept him from playing in 2020.

This isn’t an ideal year to be seeking more money, from the Vikings or anyone. The cap is significantly down, and there are plenty of pass rushers available. Shaq Barrett, the top guy in the free-agency class, is reportedly getting a base average of $17 million per year on his new deal with the Bucs, signed as the free-agency negotiating window opened.

Hunter’s best play could be to return in 2021, show that he’s still the guy he was, and then make a play for more.